May 30 / 2020
It's a global movement. Its aim is to mobilize the largest number of christians all around the world to preach the Gospel. Every believer is a witness! Together we can reach 1 BILLION PEOPLE WITH THE GOSPEL.
15 166 349 people accepted Jesus
May 30, 2020
Millions of believers across continents are going to talk about Jesus. Of course, preaching of the Gospel is for every day but there's great power when Christians around the world proclaim the Gospel on this day!
Also it's going to serve as a great incentive for you to keep actively preaching the Gospel throughout the year.
Where? In your city, village, on your street.
May 30
Organize an outreach in your city. You can use one of the suggested creative projects, or come up with your own idea.

Creativity - it's the best instrument to preach the Gospel. We, as the STEIGER INTERNATIONAL ministry want to offer you some creative methods to preach the Gospel. We have been using these methods for 4 years. Through these projects thousand of people in different parts of the world have heard the Gospel.
You don't need a huge budget or superpowers. You can easily incorporate one of these ideas together with your friends.
#bestdayofmylife online flash mob!
Be one of 5 M Christians to share their faith on social media using #bestdayofmylife.
Imagine the impact this can have!
Decide beforehand, where you can invite people after the outreach. It can be a party where people can learn more about God and church; an Alpha course or a Bible study.
If you want to have an outreach in your city, leave information about yourself
Also we can send our missionaries to some cities to help your team do an outreach or answer questions online or have a Skype meeting.
We want to see a global picture and inspire more people with your example.
Fortune Jar
There are two jars on the table with a message from God ( Bible verses). We want people to take a message for themselves. They can take a message from both jars if they want. After this we will ask the person about the meaning of their message and preach the Gospel.
Jesus is not quarantined
Supplies: signs saying «Jesus is not quarantined», «Hope beyond fear», «Soul sanitizer», «Take off your crown, bow down», «What's wrong with 2020?»
Use signs to get people's attention and start conversations. It's best to ask questions like «What do you think about it?» «Do you agree with it?», etc. Then move on to the Gospel by explaining the phrase.
Message of Hope
Supplies: postcards with encouraging words.
Prepare postcards with Psalm 91, or encouraging words. You can also add a prayer of repentance and your contact details. Hand out "Messages of Hope" to people. Tell about Jesus during quarantine!
Shopping outreach
Write a message on your clothes when going shopping. The brighter and more interesting the message - the more opportunities for a conversation you'll have. Also, bring postcards with the Gospel to share with anyone you meet in the store.
Invite people to be interviewed. Here is a list of sample questions:
1. Have you been feeling anxious because of the pandemic?
2. Can you control your life? Why?
3. If God could do one miracle for you today, what would it be?
4. Can I pray for this miracle right now?
5. Do you have confidence that after death you will end up with God in heaven?
6. Would you like to have such firm confidence?
7. I will share more about it, but first, let me ask for your opinion "Why would God take you to heaven?"
Helping neighbors
Make cards with inspirational messages for your neighbors, and put them in their mailboxes or at the doorways. Another option is to write a letter to those who may not be able to go out on their own, and can't buy for medicine or food. Write your contact details and apartment number, and stick it to the entrance of your block of flats. Help is always a good way to share the Gospel.
Online Bible Study For the Non-Religious
You can have an online Bible study for your non-church friends. Post a story on Facebook or Instagram saying that you are going to read one of the Bible stories. Invite those, who don't go to church and do not consider themselves to be religious, who have never read the Bible, or do not know much about God, to join. Choose a story beforehand and prepare good questions. Continue doing this regularly and build relationships with people. After quarantine ends you can continue your meetings offline.
Fortune Jar Online
Use online outreach ideas.
• Follow this link to download the video.
• Post it in a story on Facebook or Instagram.
• Attach «Questions» (a special form on instastories).
• In the «Question» form write: «Send me your wish number».
• When you get some answers, continue the conversation with questions: "How do you like your wish?", "Does it make any sense to you?", "Do you understand everything?" etc.
Hell or heaven Take And Leave Online
Use online outreach ideas.
• Follow this link to download the video.
• Post it in a story on Facebook or Instagram.
• In the «Leave» section attach «Questions» (a special form on instastories).
• In the «Question» form write: «Leave all your fears, worries and bad stuff here».
• The answers will give you an idea on how to pray for the person. You can also ask what Bible verse did they get on a screenshot, and start a conversation about God.
#bestdayofmylife online flash mob!
Here is how it works:

Make a short video of yourself and share it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat...)

#1 Introduce yourself. Tell the audience that you want to share your #bestdayofmylife story with them.

#2 Tell your story of how Jesus changed your life with these 3 main points:

  • What did your life look like without Jesus?

  • How did you get to know Jesus?

  • What has changed in your life since then?

#3 Encourage your audience to ask you how to invite Jesus into their life "this is available for you too. Ask me how. Go to for more information."

Use the hashtags #bestdayofmylife #go2020 #globaloutreachday #hopestory #steigerinternational & nominate 5 others to share their personal salvation story.
We believe that street evangelism is not something of the past, it's not boring! We believe that we can do this creatively. We believe that The book of Acts is being written today!

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